Arnold Schoenberg remains to this day a controversial figure in the world of music, perhaps more for his legacy and his role in the history of 20th century modernism than for his actual compositions, which are still far less well-known than those of any other figure of comparable stature.

My goal for this year will be to make his music, the most important aspect of this multi-faceted composer, more accessible to the lay listener with at least some knowledge of musical terminology.  I will attempt to go through all of the opus numbered works, from the Two Songs Op. 1 to the final choral pieces of Op. 50, explaining how the music is structured in terms of form and expressive goals.

Not every work will be as easy (or as difficult) as the others, but all of them will certainly reward careful attention and multiple listens, and among other things, I will be providing recommended recordings to accompany my basic analyses.

Here’s hoping that you are interested in coming along for some or all of this fascinating journey through one of the most important oeuvres in classical music.

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